Proper Tree Inspections When Purchasing a New House

Tree Care

Trees provide property owners with lots of shade and beauty. However, certain tree species can basically be more of a problem than they’re worth. Hiring a professional tree care service provider as well as having them perform a professional inspection prior to buying the new house can definitely help you determine if the trees need to be removed or just trimmed by the arborist.

If you’re in a search for a new house, you may find one with a lot of mature elms or maples in its yard. While the fully-grown trees offer a broad range of benefits such as plenty of shade and lower the costs of energy, there are still a few other reasons to have them professionally inspected prior to finalizing all the necessary documents and paperwork. That is also the reason why these professionals would want to give you the reasons to hire them for inspection before buying a new house.

Falling Trees

Huge, mature trees give shade and personality to your residential property. However, the bigger your tree is, the larger the risks. As a matter of fact, extreme weather conditions such as strong storms can possibly snap tree branches or topple the whole tree – both are very hazardous to your family and home. While some tree species are more vulnerable to failure compared to the others, only the professional tree care service providers can determine which trees pose the biggest threat to your property and loved ones.

Invasive Roots

The tree roots think on their own. Even small or short trees also have roots which can stretch twenty to thirty feet long. An invasive tree root system can affect septic systems, driveways, foundations and sidewalks. In addition to that, a foundation which has already been damaged by the invasive root system can basically be a deal breaker if you are looking to buy the new house.

Disease and Decay

Not all indications of tree diseases are too apparent. However, it is very important to search for the brittle bark, fungal formation as well as dead branches. Because a disease is hard to diagnose without the professional, most individuals or property owners might not realize that the tree is in big trouble until it is just too late. Other indications such as dead or yellow leaves may indicate distress. A decaying or diseased tree is a very serious safety danger which could result in costly property repairs or removal of trees. This is why it’s best that you hire a professional tree removal Charlotte NC service provider.

Insect Infestations

All species of trees are vulnerable to a broad range of invasive pests. Furthermore, these include the emerald ash borer, bagworms, cankerworms, Japanese beetles as well as aphids. And since some pests are very annoying and irritating, others are well-known to kill thousands of trees all over the world. Aside from that, when the trees neighboring your house become infested, they can penetrate the inside of your property. If you do not spot the indications of the insect infestation early, you might be putting your home and the trees at great risk.