Tips to Incorporate Seasonal Color into Your Commercial Landscape

Do you know what you precisely have to do to guarantee that your commercial landscape will be packed with colors regardless of what seasons you are in? If not, check out these amazing ways to achieve that: 

Colorful hardscape 

Make your commercial landscape garden more colorful with hardscape. You can build colorful fences that can give contrast to the plants that can be found in your garden, helping them to stand out even more. Some hardscapes to consider would be paving, stones, and boulders. Any of these can help improve the appearance of the foliage around them as they complement the plants as they bloom.  

Outdoor lighting 

Installing a few creative outdoor lightings is one of the best ways to make sure that your commercial property will have year-round colors. Lighting can make particular garden elements stand out. Various hues can be incorporated to improve the natural lighting at particular times of the year, for instance, orange/yellow lights can be utilized to add warmth to green foliage during the winter season.  

Trees and shrubs 

Trees and shrubs provide a decent substitute color source for your commercial landscape, even if they are mistakenly neglected and not appreciated by a lot of people. In fact, evergreen shrubs can give a lush aura to your garden all throughout the year. While some shrubs like toyon and hollies can eventually provide colorful bunches of red berries and shrubs like camelia provide beautiful winter blooms. 

Flowering trees like crabapples, pears, and cherry blossoms are great spring bloomers. Also, trees such as dogwood can give off beautiful pink or white blossom during this season as well. This only means that flowers aren’t the only thing you can think about planting. Moreover, you must take colorful bark similar to ones you can see on myrtles and coral bark maples. You can also consider are trees with foliage, which changes similar to the Japanese maple. Shrubs and trees are great additions to make sure that your commercial property will be colorful in every season.  

Plant different plants 

One of the apparent ways to incorporate color into any commercial landscape is by planning flowers. It’s vital to come up with a plant and blooming chart for you to be updated about which plants will flower and when will that happen. Moreover, map out the space in which you plant them. Here are the things to keep in mind as you pick different plants at a time.  

  • Spring is blooming season. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to pick out the ideal plants for this particular season since most shrubs, trees, and plants give off their greatest displays for this time of the year. 
  • Summer is probably the most challenging gardening season of all because of the heat. However, hardy plants like oleander, buddleia, and roses are all dependable plants that bloom during the summer season. 
  • The Winter season can be colorful with cyclamen, snapdragons, and pansies.  
  • During the fall season, Salvias, begonias, and chrysanthemums are some of the best examples of flowers that bloom in autumn. Ask a professional landscapers near me today for more plant examples and tips.